WDMI-52 Wi-Fi/DCC Locomotive Motherboard

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This is our solution for using DCC with Dead Rail! That is, you can use your favorite DCC decoder with or without sound, with no power on the track. No more track cleaning!

You can install the WDMI-52 Motherboard in various HO scale locomotives together with your choice of DCC Decoder. It is particularly suited to the Kato GP-35. The module provides DCC signals to the decoder under control from your tablet or smartphone over Wi-Fi using our Loco Operator App. With the Stanton Associates LiPo battery BPS-420 and BPSv-4 Module, you can run from DC track power or you can run from the battery in the locomotive. Drive the loco onto powered track to automatically charge the battery, then use on unpowered track for at least an hour of intermittent operation. Use two BPS-420 for double the operating time.

Full installation guidance provided. You need to have quite good soldering skills!

Full details of BPS-420 battery and BPSv-4 are available from Stanton Associates:  http://www.s-cab.com with BPS details at: http://www.s-cab.com/price-list.html