WFP-40 4-Way Wi-Fi Power Block Controller

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The WFP-40 with a Mains Power Adapter is all you need to provide power district management for your WifiTrax model railroad. It provides Wi-Fi Control of four isolated track power blocks.

You can use Tower Operator App to control and monitor the power supply to each block as well as detect occupancy of each block by a locomotive.

Automatic overload protection is provided at block and module level.

It also helps you if you have a Reversing Loop, Wye or Turntable as it will automatically detect shorts due to these and reverse the direction of the offending block, as a loco travels continuously round a reversing loop or traverses a Wye or Turntable.

Use it with your DCC System! You can connect your existing DCC command controller so that DCC locos can operate in the WFP-40 blocks alongside your WifiTrax equipped locos.