Wi-Fi/DCC Interface Controllers

WifiTrax has introduced a new technology to model railroading which we call Wi-Fi/DCC and has developed products that make use of existing DCC controllers’ capability but allow control to take place over the Wi-Fi network.

As with our original Wi-Fi Loco, control can be from our apps on smart-phone, tablet or computer.

Here are some advantages of our new Wi-Fi/DCC technology:

  • You can make use of your existing investment in DCC Decoders and Throttles,
  • You can get the benefit of the sound built into your favorite DCC decoder,
  • If you do not already own DCC Boosters, you can avoid their cost,
  • You can avoid track power altogether with dead-rail and still use DCC,
  • You can use your smartphone, tablet or computer to control all your DCC decoders, including locos, switch machines etc.,
  • You can make use of your existing walk-around DCC Throttles if you prefer those to smart-phone throttle apps. Some people prefer using physical control handles and these throttles are usually more robust!
  • You can make use of the high bandwidth of Wi-Fi to return more data from your locomotives as our products evolve (our Wi-Fi Loco products currently return scale speed and telemetry),

Wi-Fi is an industry standard and will evolve and improve. It is far bigger than model railroading!

Read all about Wi-Fi/DCC on our website