WFD-30 NCE Cab Bus Wi-Fi Interface Module

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You can use this interface module to control DCC locomotives and accessories from hand-held Wi-Fi devices by connecting it to the Cab bus of your NCE command station.

DCC locomotives may be driven using WifiTrax Loco Operator on Windows and Android but  and the module also supports the WiThrottle protocol authored by Brett Hoffman and used by JMRI and several other vendors. The unit should work with any hand-held tablet or phone with an installed throttle app as well as hand-held throttles using this protocol.

WifiTrax has carefully evaluated and guarantees operation with WiThrottle on Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod and Engine Driver on Android.

The WFD-30 provides simple usage where locos can be selected using their DCC address, but also provides a roster of up to 16 locomotives for which function labels may be specified. Up to 32 points may also be defined and operated from either Loco Operator or the WiThrottle app.

The unit may be operated as a stand-alone Wi-Fi access point allowing up to four throttles to be connected simultaneously, but you may also join it to your home Wi-Fi network in which case the number of throttles is limited only by your router.

Please contact with any questions rather than the owners of Wi-Throttle or Engine Driver sites.

WifiTrax has developed this product with the assistance and approval of NCE representatives in Australia.